Win a £10,000 Dream Holiday Safari in South Africa

Lions, leopards, hippos, buffalo, giraffes, antelopes, elephants and cheetahs, who doesn’t dream of seeing these animals in the wild, in their natural habitats. Now, thanks to Spinland you get a chance to win your dream holiday: A Safari in South Africa. Spinland is already one of the most well-known casinos in the UK market, and is quickly becoming more popular. They already offer a wide selection of slots, over 500, including Thunderstruck and Starburst, as well live casino and table games. They offer a huge 200% welcome bonus up to £3,000, but now they have decided to make the deal even more sweet by offering all their players a chance to win a £10,000 dream holiday safari in South Africa, that is of course on top of any casino winnings you might win on their live tables and online video slots.

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The main prize

The grand prize is an all expenses included safari trip to South Africa, with a total value of £10,000. That includes your choice of dates, flights, accommodation, extras and of course safaris. You will get a chance to see the famous ‘Big 5’, or Africa’s biggest and most sought-after animals. Take a friend or loved one with you on an ultimate safari experience and witness nature in its untamed wildness. South Africa had wide open spaces that most people in Europe can only dream about. You will get a chance to escape the busy, cluttered city life and embark on a trip through real open wilderness, where the great beasts you usually only see on National Geographic still roam free. You will see lions, elephants, buffalo, rhinos and wildebeests. On your way, you will probably spot some baboons, antelope and zebra as well. After your safari, you can relax at a five-star hotel, do some sightseeing at South Africa’s many tourist attractions, or relax at one of South Africa’s many private beaches with a smooth cocktail. Of course, if you don’t want this prize, you can also opt for a 75% cash reward, or a different dream holiday for the price of £10,000. We a sure you will be able to think of a suitable destination.

spinland win your dream holiday

How to win

To be eligible for this prize you don’t have to do anything special. Simply deposit and play as usual. For every £50 you deposit, you will get 5 Land Points. Once you reach 1,000 Land Points, you will be entered into the monthly prize draw and get a chance to win your dream holiday. All verified and depositing players are eligible to win this prize. Every month there will be a draw, which means that you can try to win over and over again. The winner will be selected at random from anyone that gets 1,000 Land Points or more, meaning that if you reach 1,000 points, your chances of winning this prize will be extremely high! Join Spinland right now for your chance at this dream holiday!

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26/04/2023 12/07/2023