New Betting Sites (UK)

Today new betting sites in UK tend to be released on a regular basis. An overwhelming amount of bookmaker websites make it difficult to choose the right place where one can place its bets. New gambling sites 2024 are not necessarily good ones, here we have narrowed down and compared our top choices. In this article players will be able to find best betting sites and discover latest and exclusive offers straight from newest gambling sites. For sports fans, there is slightly more information here today and that can really help you to make more informed bets. Visiting one of the new bookies websites in UK is a great way to get that information before you place your bet.

New Gambling Sites 2024

All casinos are:   padlock-icon Licenced & Verified   checked-icon Expertly Reviewed
# Casino Rating Bonus
1 Goliath Casino
5.0 rating
Goliath Casino
100% Up To £200
+ 50 Free Spins
Play now New Customers, T&C's apply, 18+
2 Guts
4.5 rating
100% Up To £100
+ 50 Free Spins
Play now New Customers, T&C's apply, 18+
3 ShadowBet
5.0 rating
100% Up To £100
+ 100 Free Spins
Play now New Customers, T&C's apply, 18+
4 Mobilebet
4.5 rating
£25 or £10 free bet Play now New Customers, T&C's apply, 18+
5 Karamba
4.0 rating
100% up to £200
+ 100 Free Spins
Play now New Customers, T&C's apply, 18+

Discover Best Betting Sites in the UK

What should new betting sites UK in 2024 ? There a few  two main criteria all new online betting sites should meet:

  • Firstly, it should provide a quality gaming experience that offers a wide spread of betting opportunities, or markets.
  • The site should also treat its customers fairly and provide a platform that is modern, comprehensive and safe. To check if the betting site is safe, the first thing is to check out their license. To provide gambling and betting experiences to the people of Great Britain, any new sports betting sites UK have to have a UK license from the UK Gambling Commission. This commission is well known for its stringent rules and regulations, protecting both customers and betting sites alike. In fact, all the best betting sites for new customers within the UK will hold this license.
  • When choosing the best of the new online betting sites a big factor to take into consideration is a Tipping Service. This service varies from site to site and can be of great help when you’re not sure on which events to bet on. Some UK betting sites have tipping services which are run by one or several professional tipsters. Other UK betting sites have an open tip service where all members can tip on sports events. Either way whenever you’re in doubt on what the outcome might be on some sports event it’s always best to consult the tipping service before placing your bet.
  • New sports betting sites UK should be both visually appealing and easy to use. Mobile compatibility, either by an optimised site for the mobile browser or with an app, is essential in today’s fast-moving world. It gives players better options and enables them to place a bet at any time.
  • The other big attraction of online UK betting websites is the range of bonuses, sign-up bonuses, welcome bonuses and loyalty bonuses, all designed to be attractive and give you that extra money to play with.

How to Bet at New Sites

There are a lot of guides across the internet you will come across that offer a sure win system. But if such a system exists why are online casinos and sports betting sites still in business? The truth is there is no perfect betting system which will help you win all the time. Sports betting is based on play by real live people and not on a computer algorithm so you have to take into consideration many factors when placing a bet. However there are a few steps you should take into consideration before you start:

  1. Have  a proper plan to manage your bankroll. Stretching your bankroll is always a good idea if you’re playing with a limited budget.
  2.  Check if you can claim some match deposit bonus and double or triple your initial betting bankroll.
  3. Figure out how you are going to place your bets. Some bettors like to place bigger bets on single games chasing the favorites. This way the winnings are smaller, but so is the risk that the favorite will lose. On the other hand you can place smaller bets on the underdogs. This means that the winnings will be higher, but the chances of that to happen are smaller.

In the end your betting strategy will depend on the starting bankroll, the payouts you are aiming for and a little bit of luck for your team to have a good day. The most important rule in sports betting is to never chase your losses. Only bet as much as you can afford to lose.

Forms of online betting 

There are many forms of bets that you can place across online casinos or at any of the new online betting sites.

  • The simplest bet is the Money Line Bet. This is a bet which is placed on a single event. If you’re betting on a football game it can be that the team will lose or win, what the score will be and so on. This is the simplest form of betting and many players who like to place bigger bets with a smaller risk use it on a daily basis.
  • The next form of betting is the Parlay Betting. In this form of bets you are betting on several connected events. Guessing the right ones can bring in massive winnings, but they are also the hardest bets to guess.
  • With online casinos the most popular form of betting is Live Betting. This includes placing a bet while the event is still active in order to predict the outcome. These bets can be very profitable, especially if the result changes in your favour.

New Casino uk betting sites

Online Sports Betting Odds and Payouts Explained

Everything about sports betting has to do with odds and payouts. If you’re a newbie at sports betting this may be confusing at first, but once you understand the odds and learn to read the sports line you will that there’s nothing really complicated about it. In the UK betting sites offer odds in a decimal or a fraction system. Some sites offer both so you can calculate your odds in the way you like the most.

For example you can place a bet of £10 for your team to win. The odds are 10.0 in the decimal system or 10/1 in the fractional system. This means that if your team wins your total payout will be £100. You just need to multiply your bet with the odd and you will get your total winnings. Lately more sites are turning to decimal odds since they are easier to understand, while fractional odds are still dominant mostly on horse races.

As a newbie bettor the most important thing to know when it comes to odds and payouts is that the higher the odds are the less chance there is for that event to happen. For example if the odd on some event is 100.0 it’s very unlikely that this will happen. Still the payouts for these odds are the highest, while events with the smallest odds yield the smallest payouts.

New Betting Sites Trends

Technology continues to amaze, providing new and exciting ways to enjoy the things we love. The UK bet sites are continuing to develop and meet the increasing demands of their customers. One clear trend is the expectation that both old and new bookmakers UK, offer mobile sites. Expect to see more apps for your smartphones and mobile devices, to make betting on your favourite games far more straightforward. The race is on as betting sites compete to bring their customers the very best mobile gaming experience.

Virtual Reality is also not science fiction anymore. We will soon be able to put on the goggles and be a virtual presence at the games we are betting on, cheering on our favourite horse or team, making in-play bets that bit more exciting. As the trends in social media gains momentum, online betting sites are finding their social presence on them, so look to earn free bets from following them on Facebook or retweeting your favourite sites.

The Most Popular Online Sports Betting Markets

best betting sites

At most sports betting sites UK players can choose among a variety of sports to bet on. You can place bets on matches ranging from football, basketball, handball, horse racing, tennis and pretty much any other sport you can think of. When we talk about a betting market we are referring to the type of bet you can make. The options for betting markets are almost limitless. For example on only one football game you can bet who will be the winner or loser, if the game will end in a draw, how many goals will be scored overall, how many goals will one team score, how many red or yellow cards will be awarded. You can bet on absolutely any aspect of the game. Combine this with all the matches in all the leagues and sports on the sports betting sites and you will see that the betting market is enormous.

Still for UK players the most popular online sports betting markets are in football matches. The Premier League has the most sports bets from betting fans, followed by other football leagues, then horse racing and tennis.

Different Types Of Offers And Online Betting Bonuses

It is an exciting time to be looking at online betting sites, as the competition between them means that new and exciting offers are appearing every day. Traditionally, online players signing up to a site will receive a welcome bonus. This would include a matchup percentage bonus and free bets for the first deposit, with some like Betfred offering both free bets and free spins. Then there are also free bets no deposit bonuses, and some go that extra bit and offer risk-free bets. There will also be match percentages on profit boosts. More long-term benefits can be gained from loyalty programmes offering accumulator insurances, and regular deals. Wagering requirements and company T&Cs can influence the outcome of bonuses and offers and also need to be checked out. Some companies do not allow the use of their bonuses when depositing via Skrill or Neteller, so if you like to use online banking, try looking for those new betting sites PayPal friendly.

  • Free Bets
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Matched Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Mobile Bonus
  • Free Cash

Final Thoughts

The huge amount of choice in betting bonuses on offer can seem a bit bewildering, especially if you are a new player. This is where review sites like ours are ideal for you. Of course, the information provided is also valuable to regular players, who know what they are looking for but like to keep an eye on any new offers coming along. For all new and inexperienced online players, our site is the best step forward. We define and clarify what is on offer and help you to understand what you are getting. It might seem a bit like being let loose in a sweet shop at first, but it’s important to take a moment to check everything, and to remember that bonus offers come with directions on how they can be used. Try to avoid going for the largest offer, as often it means you will have to place high bets, and always check out wagering requirements to see when you can access any winnings.